• Karak Tea with Saffron 100 gr
  • Karak Tea with Saffron 100 gr
  • Karak Tea with Saffron 100 gr
Karak Tea with Saffron 100 gr
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Karak Tea with Saffron 100 gr

"Every cup of Kark tea is an unforgettable experience."

To enjoy energy and vitality, begin your morning with the unmatched original taste of Kark tea, it is a very delicious and healthy drink, so let the original taste of Kark tea makes you more energetic and refreshed.

Karak Tea with Saffron is 100% natural

First Pasha Coffee Company, which has a long experience in producing excellent tea, offers you the original Kark tea with its unmatched taste.

Our great success goes back to the reason that we never neglect the quality, and we provide our customers with 100% a natural health tea, that's why we are so proud of every batch of tea we produce, making constantly sure to send it fresh with a sweet-smelling that fills every cup.

INGREDIENTS: First Pasha special mixtures of natural spices - tea - milk - Saffron - Sugar - cardamom - cinnamon - black pepper - nutmeg - cloves - Anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide) - preservative (sodium benzoate).


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